What is Aerialates®?

AERIALATES® body leverage training is dynamic exercise that combines the aerial arts with Pilates to challenge and inspire the body and spirit. Aerialates is a brand of aerial pilates that utilizes many of the principles developed by Joseph Pilates, who himself was an acrobat and circus performer.

What is the Aerialates® brand of aerial pilates designed to do?

The AERIALATES® brand of aerial pilates is designed to :
*strengthen the entire body through Pilates exercises and techniques used by circus and aerial performers;
*challenge the body in ways unavailable with standard Pilates equipment;
*inspire the spirit to think creatively and imagine new possibilities; and
*teach the heart to trust oneself and others.

How is the Aerialates brand of aerial pilates different than standard Pilates?

While the Aerialates brand of aerial pilates incorporates many of the Pilates principles, exercises are performed with the type of equipment used by circus performers. Aerialates training, like Pilates, focuses on core strength, yet adds challenge and fun to traditional Pilates-style exercise.

Do I need to try Pilates first?

No; Aerialates classes are designed for students with a variety of backgrounds, and students in group classes will be placed with others of comparable ability. If you have no Pilates experience, you will be given some instruction in Pilates at your first session. We are qualified in 'standard' aerial training, personal training, Pilates, and Aerialates training. Your instructor will adapt the focus of each session to benefit participants.

What will my first class be like?

In an Aerialates class, you will start with a whole-body warm-up and move to learning fundamental moves on the trapeze, fabric, and both apparati together. You might laugh, grunt, cry, moan...or all of the above! Your class will finish with a good stretch as well as some conditioning exercises to help you get stronger for more Aerialates training.

Cirque-It Fitness® is a type of training that's a spin-off of Aerialates training. Take standard resistance training, pilates, and aerial training and combine them into one calorie-burning total-body workout and you have Cirque-It Fitness®!

In our experience, the vast majority of participants find both joy and a healthy challenge in aerial training.

What muscle groups will I work in an Aerialates session?

Aerial training is a whole-body workout with an emphasis on the muscles of your upper body - abdominals, back, shoulders, and arms.

I'm afraid of heights. Should I still try Aerialates training?

Aerialates and Cirque-It Fitness classes are performed at low height - your feet will be able to touch the ground. Please do not allow a fear of heights to stop you from trying Aerialates or Cirque-It Fitness classes. In fact, many clients have found that aerial work has enabled them to confront fear - fear of heights as well as others.

Ok...I want to give Aerialates or Cirque-It Fitness classes a try. What do I do next?

Please see the "Take a Class" section for more information. If you do not see a class that fits your schedule, let us know (private, semi-private, and small group classes can be arranged). We look forward to seeing you!

...but I'm not sure if I have the strength to try Aerialates or Cirque-It Fitness.

Well, it doesn't hurt to try! Remember that most participants feel the same way. Many aerial students are actually SURPRISED at their own strength when challenged and encouraged. Keep in mind that at your first session you will be provided with 'homework' exercises to help you build your strength. If you have questions, please contact us at info@aerialates.com.

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